Landscape Machine

Studio Future Works


My name is Alex and I am part of the Future Works studio which focuses on the future of manufacturing and energy. This project is a transformation of a former cement works in the Hope Valley. It aims to create a new industrial typology based on intertwining production with landscape.

Conceptual Montage


I am establishing, starting in 2030, an industrial research centre. This will explore the potential of the Landscape Machine concept as a sustainable industrial paradigm. That means, looking at both the Landscape and the Machine as systems, and subsystems, which rather than one abusing the other, have the potential to work together symbiotically.
In light of early research into pollution within the studio’s remit, it investigates advances in carbon sequestration science. What role can passive systems play, and what is the potential offered by sequestered carbon to form new useful material?

I am focusing on this factory…

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