Mesters’ Works

Thoughts from Sheffield Hallam student taking part in the workshop

Design As Distributed Agency

During Week 2, Studio 4 visited Mesters’ Works in the Neepsend area of Sheffield, to participate in a Workshop lead by students from the University of Sheffield.

Formerly the site of TSL Turton spring manufacturers, Mesters’ Works has since been adopted by a group of Events Managers who now run the building – which is owned by a private corporation as is much of the city. The events management collective decided to let out the spaces as offices and workshops at a low cost, mostly to those working within the creative arts, in order to encourage and support young enterprises in the local area.

img_1629-1Figure 1. Tenants at Mesters’ Works (Author, 2016)

The concept of the scheme links back to the Cutler’s ‘little Mesters’ principle. When looking at the history of many businesses in Sheffield, a lot were not much more than one or two man operations. These workers would be self-employed and rent…

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