The Advanced Remanufacturing Centre -Kah Kiat Sham

Studio Future Works


I am Kah Kiat Sham from the studio Future Works. The studio of Future Works reimagines the relation between energy, manufacturing and human activities. As a studio group, we aim to make the energy ‘noisy’ or visible to the public again as people have been taking energy for granted.

The proposed building is located at the site of Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC). Currently, the site of AMRC is isolated from the city centre of Sheffield and most people travel to AMRC by car. Train station is proposed to connects the region with the city centre. With the train station, students and staff from the University of Sheffield will have greater accessibility to AMRC.

The proposed development will be known as the Advanced Remanufacturing Centre, which consist of science museum, research centre, train and monorail station, factory of the future and a landscape bridge. The factory of the future will…

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