Connected Purposes


‘An Act to set a target for the year 2050 for the reduction of targeted greenhouse gas emissions; to provide for a system of carbon budgeting; to establish a Committee on Climate Change; to confer powers to establish trading schemes for the purpose of limiting greenhouse gas emissions or encouraging activities that reduce such emissions or remove greenhouse gas from the atmosphere; to make provision about adaptation to climate change; to confer powers to make schemes for providing financial incentives to produce less domestic waste and to recycle more of what is produced; to make provision about the collection of household waste; to confer powers to make provision about charging for single use carrier bags; to amend the provisions of the Energy Act 2004 about renewable transport fuel obligations; to make provision about carbon emissions reduction targets; to make other provision about climate change; and for connected purposes. [26th November 2008]’


This is the official title of the Climate Change Act 2008 , on page 1 of the original document.

The Climate Change Act 2008 is an Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom. It was the spur for the Stories of Change project. This extraordinary piece of legislation ensures cross-party commitments to make provisions for reduction in carbon emissions by 2050. The Committee on Climate Change, whose powers are invested by Part 2 of the Act, was formally launched in December 2008. Since 2008 the UK Government has produced several reports on assessment and adaptation.

As part of the AHRC Connected Communities programme, the Stories of Change project’s focus is on energy and community. It aims to reveal the dynamism and diversity in the relationship between society and energy in the past and present in order to catalyse the popular and political imagination regarding potential low carbon futures. The project supports the commitments to decarbonisation that sit at the heart of the UK Government’s Climate Change Act. However, research has shown that many people feel disengaged, disempowered or actively hostile to the kinds of changes to the UK’s energy system required to meet the targets embedded in the Act. This project  supports a more energetic and plural public debate, and promotes a more imaginative sense of the scope for action. The Stories of Change project is working in three locations (London, English Midlands and South Wales) with three thematic orientations (policy, industry, the everyday) with a range of communities in each context to reveal stories of change in energy- society relations.


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