Connected Communities Festival Fortnight


‘We must regard it as one great workshop for the production of cutlery and edge-tools – a huge factory which scatters its separate departments in different parts of the town, but still retains them all, like so many links in a chain.’    (The Penny Magazine, 1844)

In the 19th century, the city of Sheffield was referred to as one great workshop.The network of factories in Sheffield shaped the physical, social and economic landscape of the city. Today the city is still home to making at a range of scales. The past, present and future of Sheffield’s industries large and small is tied to changing relations with energy in the workplace.  

We are excited to announce our participation in the AHRC’s Connected Communities Festival Fortnight with a programme of events held under the banner of ‘One Great Workshop’. This programme of interactive outreach activities focused on energy and making in the city of Sheffield which we are developing with Sheffield Industrial Museums Trust, Sheffield University Technical College and Bloc Projects. It is part of the Future Works strand of the AHRC Connected Communities Stories of Change project aiming to uncover stories of the relationship between energy and industry and explore where they might go next.

Dates and Times:

Exhibition, Workshops, Conversations on Energy and Industry and Industrial Walks: 15th-29th June

Sat 13 June – Sheffield Design Week Launch at Park Hill

Weds 17 June – 6-8pm – One Great Workshop Launch – 6 – 8pm

Sat 20 June – 12.30pm – Heritage Walk with Now’N’Then walks.

Sat 20 June – 3pm: Steel Experiences with artist Nicola Ellis

Thurs 25 June- 6pm: Energy and Making- Talk with Stories of Change Researcher Joe Smith and Portland Works Knifemaker Stuart Mitchell

Venue and Location:

Bloc Projects,  71 Eyre Lane, Sheffield S1 4RB


One Great Workshop has been funded by AHRC.



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