Energy & Making: One Great Workshop

Really great to read about the progress of the Live Project Group on their blog this rainy grey morning in Sheffield. They ask- how does energy and making come together? Some very beautiful photographs and engaging commentary. Thanks to them, all the volunteers and of course craftsman, Jimmy, pictured here, who they speak to at length…

“On talking to [Jimmy] about the building itself he said even after all this time at Portland Works, he still notices new things. He mentions ‘one day a bit of paint will fall off’ creating a new image. He has quite a few stories to tell us about his time here, some more unfortunate than others, and he speaks with enthusiasm about projects with friends. One of these focuses on the idea of perpetual motion, a kind of ‘free energy’. He shows us drawings for a mechanism powered by a push bike, part of the grand experiment…”

Photo credit 2014 One Great Workshop Live Project Group

Jimmy. Photo credit 2014 One Great Workshop Live Project Group

The group investigate this through volunteering and talking and watching people make things- both things to sell, things for curiosity, and things to repair the building… You can read more about it here:

We will meet together on Thursday, along with Copenhagen City Architect Tina Saaby and Director of Bauman Lyons Architects Irena Bauman to talk more about energy on a city scale.


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