Stories of Change – TippingPoint


Stories of Change – TippingPoint

The Stories of Change project ‘s launch event took place at Exeter College and the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford on Sunday and Monday September 21 and 22. The event was designed with the arts organization TippingPoint, which has been holding such events worldwide aiming to engage the artistic community in the complex challenges associated with climate change.

The purpose of the event was to start to explore the potential that stories (widely defined) might hold as a way of supporting debate and action on energy.

The event brought together 130 people from research, business, advocacy, policy, media and the arts as well as representatives of community and project partners from across the three strands of the Stories of Change project: Demanding Times, Future Works and Everyday Lives. This included DECC, John Smedley Ltd, Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, Derby Museums, Air Fuel Synthesis Ltd, Free Word, Arts Admin, Bloc Projects, Lucy Ward Sings and many, many others.

We intended the event to inspire everyone present to think again about energy futures – individually or in collaboration with others.

And we think it did.

Thanks to Gorm Ashurst from Bullet Creative for the amazing photos of the event.


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